Heyo, welcome to my website <3 You may also know me as raggebatman. Have a look!


You can send an e-mail if you want a quick way to get in touch :) There is an encryption key if you'd like some security. I also exist on some other platforms but this is what you should use if you didn't find me through those.


I was born 2003-11-13 and I come from Sweden. Enby with He/She pronouns. I like to be femmy but generally, I'm mostly masc. Pansexual and aromantic.

My interests (read: hobbies) include programming, networking, servers, computers, software, hardware, and all that these entail. I'm also interested in history relating to IT and to some extent in the LGBT. I like to learn new things and I love to teach people new things. Oh, and I'm a gamer, can't forget that.

I work in the AV industry as a programmer and technician. On the control system side, I mostly dabble in Crestron, Kramer, and AMX. I also work with software from Sennheiser, Audinate, HiQnet, QSC, and Bose. Those pop up the most, but there are of course less common brands.

It feels like I have a lot of interests but the vast majority are related to IT, and most of those involve computers. So I don't know, but it might all look a bit same-same to someone who isn't read up on it? Or just confusing, lol.


The Geekring
The Silly City


I've made these buttons myself, feel free to link back to my site or use one of the other buttons on your website :> Wondering why your website is on here? It's probably because I thought it was cool!